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Start Date: 1973-11-01
Date Band Roio Name Roio Label / Taper Venue City Recording Format
1973-11-16 Yes   Winter Gardens Bournemouth
1973-11-17 Yes   Winter Gardens Bournemouth
1973-11-18 Yes   Hippodrome Theatre Bristol
1973-11-18 Yes Bristol, UK - relayerman   Hippodrome Theatre Bristol
1973-11-19 Yes   Guildhall Portsmouth
1973-11-20 Yes   Rainbow Theatre London
1973-11-21 Yes   Rainbow Theatre London
1973-11-22 Yes   Rainbow Theatre London
1973-11-23 Yes   Rainbow Theatre London
1973-11-24 Yes   Rainbow Theatre London
1973-11-25 Yes   New Theatre Oxford
1973-11-26 Yes   De Montfort Hall Leicester
1973-11-27 Yes   City Hall Sheffield
1973-11-28 Yes   Free Trade Hall Manchester
1973-11-29 Yes   Free Trade Hall Manchester
1973-11-30 Yes   Empire Theatre Liverpool
1973-12-01 Yes   Capitol Theatre Cardiff
1973-12-02 Yes   Trentham Gardens Stoke
1973-12-03 Yes   Hippodrome Birmingham
1973-12-04 Yes   Hippodrome Birmingham
1973-12-06 Yes   The Apollo Glasgow
1973-12-06 Yes Glasgow, UK   The Apollo Glasgow
1973-12-07 Yes   The Apollo Glasgow
1973-12-08 Yes   City Hall Newcastle
1973-12-09 Yes   City Hall Newcastle
1973-12-10 Yes   Empire Theatre Edinburgh
1973-12-10 Yes Edinburgh, Scotland, UK   Empire Theatre Edinburgh
1974-02-07 Yes   University Of Florida Gainesville
1974-02-08 Yes   Miami Baseball Stadium Miami
1974-02-08 Yes Topographic Ocean View, Miami FL   Miami Baseball Stadium Miami
1974-02-09 Yes   Tampa Stadium Tampa
1974-02-10 Yes   Carolina Coliseum Columbia
1974-02-11 Yes   Georgia Tech Coliseum Atlanta
1974-02-12 Yes   Civic Center Roanoke
1974-02-13 Yes   Civic Center Baltmore
1974-02-14 Yes   Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Uniondale
1974-02-14 Yes Tales From Forgotten Yesterdays   Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Uniondale
1974-02-15 Yes   New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum New Haven
1974-02-16 Yes   The Spectrum Philadelphia
1974-02-16 Yes   The Spectrum Philadelphia
1974-02-16 Yes Philadelphia Early Show 35th Ann...   The Spectrum Philadelphia
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1974-02-18 Yes   Madison Square Garden New York
1974-02-18 Yes yessongs2   Madison Square Garden New York
1974-02-18 Yes NYC 35th Anniversary Edition   Madison Square Garden New York
audience  flac 
1974-02-20 Yes   Madison Square Garden New York
1974-02-21 Yes   Civic Arena Pittsburgh
1974-02-22 Yes   Maple Leaf Gardens Toronto
1974-02-22 Yes Toronto, Canada   Maple Leaf Gardens Toronto
1974-02-23 Yes   Broome Country Veterans Memorial Arena Binghamton
1974-02-24 Yes   Cornell University Ithica
1974-02-25 Yes   Montreal Forum Montreal
1974-02-26 Yes   Boston Garden Boston
1974-02-26 Yes The Boston Tea-FTO Party   Boston Garden Boston
1974-02-26 Yes Boston   Boston Garden Boston
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1974-02-27 Yes   Cobo Arena Detroit
1974-02-27 Yes 1974, 02-27 - Rermers   Cobo Arena Detroit
audience  shn 
1974-02-27 Yes Detroit Alive and Kicking 35th A...   Cobo Arena Detroit
audience  flac 
1974-02-27 Yes OCEAN TALES   PRRP013 Cobo Arena Detroit
1974-02-28 Yes   Cobo Arena Detroit
1974-02-28 Yes OCEAN TALES   PRRP013- YES Cobo Arena Detroit
1974-03-01 Yes   Hersheypark Arena Hershey
1974-03-01 Yes Hershey, PA   Hersheypark Arena Hershey
1974-03-02 Yes   Louisville Gardens Louisville
1974-03-02 Yes Louisville   Louisville Gardens Louisville
audience  flac 
1974-03-03 Yes   Cincinnati Gardens Cincinnati
1974-03-05 Yes   Metropolitan Sports Center Bloomington
1974-03-06 Yes   International Amphitheater Chicago
1974-03-07 Yes   International Amphitheater Chicago
1974-03-08 Yes   Kiel Auditorium St. Louis
1974-03-10 Yes   Memphis Cook Convention Center Bethlehem
1974-03-11 Yes   Fairgrounds Arena Oklahoma City
1974-03-12 Yes   Century II Civic Center Wichita
1974-03-13 Yes   Denver Coliseum Denver
1974-03-14 Yes   Pit Arena Albuquerque
1974-03-15 Yes   Winterland Ballroom San Francisco
1974-03-16 Yes   Winterland Ballroom San Francisco
1974-03-17 Yes   Memorial Auditorium Sacramento
1974-03-18 Yes   The Forum Inglewood
1974-03-18 Yes Great Western Forum   The Forum Inglewood
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1974-03-19 Yes   Long Beach Civic Arena Long Beach
1974-03-19 Yes Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA   Long Beach Civic Arena Long Beach
1974-03-20 Yes   Selland Arena Fresno
1974-03-21 Yes   Sports Arena San Diego
1974-03-23 Yes   Civic Center San Antonio
1974-03-24 Yes   Louisiana State University Baton Rouge
1974-03-25 Yes   Memorial Auditorium Dallas
1974-04-11 Yes   Messegelande Halle Frankfurt
1974-04-12 Yes   Olympiahalle Munich
1974-04-13 Yes   Olympiahalle Munich
1974-04-14 Yes   Friedrich Ebert Halle Ludwigshafen
1974-04-15 Yes   Neue Messehalle Stuttgart
1974-04-16 Yes   Westfalenhalle Dortmund
1974-04-17 Yes   Ahoy-Hallen Rotterdam Rotterdam
1974-04-19 Yes   Palais des Sports de Paris Paris
1974-04-21 Yes   Hallenstadion Zürich
1974-04-21 Yes Hallenstadion Zurich   Hallenstadion Zürich
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1974-04-23 Yes   Palazzo Di Palaeur Dello Sport Rome
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