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Start Date: 1968-08-03
Date Band Roio Name Roio Label / Taper Venue City Recording Format
1968-08-03 Yes   East Mersea Youth Camp Mersea
1968-08-05 Yes   Marquee Club London
1968-08-09 Yes   Bracknell Sports Centre Bracknell
1968-08-10 Yes   Motown Club Wollason
1968-08-17 Yes   Marquee Club London
1968-08-23 Yes   The Place Stoke
1968-08-30 Yes   Civic Centre Welwyn
1968-08-31 Yes   Black Sheep Club London
1968-09-06 Yes   Marquee Club London
1968-09-08 Yes   Maids Head King's Lynn
1968-09-13 Yes   Crown Hotel Marlow
1968-09-15 Yes   Blaises Club London
1968-09-18 Yes   Blaises Club London
1968-09-19 Yes   Marquee Club London
1968-09-21 Yes   Dreamland Ballroom Margate
1968-09-22 Yes   Dreamland Ballroom Margate
1968-09-27 Yes   West End Club Rushden
1968-09-28 Yes   Marquee Club London
1968-10-05 Yes   Hermitage Ballroom Hitchin
1968-10-11 Yes   Wharf Hotel Ombersley
1968-10-12 Yes   Corn Hall Cirencester
1968-10-13 Yes   Blaises Club London
1968-10-14 Yes   Revolution Club London
1968-10-15 Yes   Royal Albert Hall London
1968-10-17 Yes   Pheasantry Club London
1968-10-22 Yes   Blaises Club London
1968-10-25 Yes   Granby Halls Leicester
1968-10-26 Yes   Middle Earth Club, Covent Garden London
1968-10-30 Yes   Blaises Club London
1968-11-01 Yes   Crown Hotel Marlow
1968-11-02 Yes   Marquee Club London
1968-11-05 Yes   Blaises Club London
1968-11-08 Yes   Granada Theatre London
1968-11-08 Yes   Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club London
1968-11-09 Yes   Motown Club Wollason
1968-11-12 Yes   Marquee Club London
1968-11-15 Yes   The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm London
1968-11-16 Yes   Leeds University Leeds
1968-11-18 Yes   City Hall Newcastle
1968-11-24 Yes   Blaises Club London
1968-11-25 Yes   Revolution Club London
1968-11-26 Yes   Royal Albert Hall London
1968-11-27 Yes   Marquee Club London
1968-11-30 Yes   Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club London
1968-12-06 Yes   Fishmongers Arms Woodgreen
1968-12-07 Yes   University Bristol
1968-12-08 Yes   Blaises Club London
1968-12-12 Yes   Revolution Club London
1968-12-13 Yes   Speakeasy Club London
1968-12-16 Yes   Revolution Club London
1968-12-17 Yes   Marquee Club London
1968-12-19 Yes   Royal Albert Hall London
1968-12-24 Yes   Speakeasy Club London
1968-12-26 Yes   Blaises Club London
1968-12-31 Yes   Speakeasy Club London
1968-12-31 Yes   Thames Television Teddington
1969-01-01 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-01-07 Yes Top Gear   BBC Studios London
1969-01-08 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-01-10 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-01-15 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-01-18 Yes   Portsmouth College Of Education Portsmouth
1969-01-22 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-01-23 Yes   Lafayette Club Wolverhampton
1969-01-24 Yes   Van Dike Club Plymouth
1969-01-29 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-02-01 Yes   Ritz Ballroom Bournemouth
1969-02-05 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-02-12 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-02-13 Yes   Pier Pavillon Worthing
1969-02-14 Yes   Surrey University Guildford
1969-02-15 Yes   Queen Elizabeth College London
1969-02-16 Yes   Peter Lee Jazz Club Sunderland
1969-02-17 Yes   The Catacomb Club Wolverhampton
1969-02-19 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-02-24 Yes   Down Broadway Sheffield
1969-02-25 Yes   Corn Exchange Cambridge
1969-02-26 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-02-27 Yes   Speakeasy Club London
1969-02-28 Yes   Richmond Athletic Grounds Ricmond
1969-03-01 Yes   Victoria Ballroom Chesterfield
1969-03-02 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-03-05 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-03-07 Yes  
1969-03-08 Yes   Empire Theatre Sunderland
1969-03-09 Yes   Frank Freeman's Club Kidderminster
1969-03-12 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-03-15 Yes   Southampton University Southampton
1969-03-16 Yes   Country Club London
1969-03-17 Yes   BBC Studios London
1969-03-19 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-03-20 Yes   Salford University Salford
1969-03-21 Yes   Civic Hall Wolverhampton
1969-03-22 Yes   College Of Building Battersea
1969-03-25 Yes   Madam Toussauds Hall Of Kings London
1969-03-26 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-03-28 Yes   Lyceum Ballroom London
1969-03-29 Yes   Barnet College Barnet
1969-04-02 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-04-03 Yes   Harrowfield Youth Centre Harrowfield
1969-04-04 Yes   Speakeasy Club London
1969-04-09 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-04-14 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-04-16 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-04-17 Yes   Saturdays at University College London
1969-04-21 Yes   Royal Albert Hall London
1969-04-23 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-04-24 Yes   Golden Rose TV Festival Montreux
1969-04-25 Yes   Golden Rose TV Festival Montreux
1969-04-26 Yes   Tanz Club Goddelau
1969-04-27 Yes   Tanz Club Goddelau
1969-04-28 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-04-29 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-05-02 Yes   Van Dike Club Plymouth
1969-05-03 Yes   Chelsea College Of Art Chelsea
1969-05-08 Yes   Penthouse Club Scarborough
1969-05-10 Yes   Exeter University Exeter
1969-05-11 Yes   Frank Freeman's Club Kidderminster
1969-05-14 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-05-16 Yes   Lyceum Ballroom London
1969-05-17 Yes   Saturdays at University College London
1969-05-18 Yes   Parliament Hill London
1969-05-21 Yes   Harrods Way Inn London
1969-05-22 Yes   BBC Studios London
1969-05-24 Yes   Southend College Of Technology Southend-On-Sea
1969-05-25 Yes   Lafayette Club Wolverhampton
1969-05-28 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-05-29 Yes   Van Dike Club Plymouth
1969-05-31 Yes   Brighton College Brighton
1969-06-02 Yes   Bay Hotel Sunderland
1969-06-04 Yes JOHNNIE WALKER SHOW   BBC Studios London
1969-06-05 Yes   Penthouse Club Scarborough
1969-06-06 Yes   The R. T. A. Bilston Carnival Fairground Hull
1969-06-09 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-06-11 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-06-13 Yes   Technical College Leicester
1969-06-15 Yes   Frank Freeman's Club Kidderminster
1969-06-16 Yes   Scotch Of St. James London
1969-06-20 Yes   Kent University Canterbury
1969-06-21 Yes   Pop Festival Antwerp
1969-06-23 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-06-25 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-06-27 Yes   Jam TV Amsterdam
1969-06-28 Yes   The Factory Birmingham
1969-06-29 Yes   Redcar Jazz Club Redcar
1969-06-30 Yes   Bay Hotel Sunderland
1969-07-02 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-07-03 Yes   Holland Park London
1969-07-04 Yes   Queens Hall Barnstaple
1969-07-05 Yes   Market Hall Haverfordwest
1969-07-06 Yes   The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm London
1969-07-08 Yes   ICA Nash House London
1969-07-09 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-07-10 Yes   Winter Gardens Penzance
1969-07-11 Yes   Lyceum Ballroom London
1969-07-12 Yes   Nottingham Racecourse Nottingham
1969-07-13 Yes   Wembley Stadium London
1969-07-16 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-07-18 Yes   Ulster Hall Belfast
1969-07-19 Yes   National Stadium Dublin
1969-07-23 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-07-25 Yes   New Cellar Club South Shields
1969-07-26 Yes   Country Club Kirkevington
1969-07-27 Yes   Kee Club Bridgend
1969-07-28 Yes   Old Granary Bristol
1969-07-30 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-08-02 Yes   Music Box Ryde
1969-08-03 Yes   BBC Studios London
1969-08-04 Yes   BBC Studios London
1969-08-06 Yes   Harrods Way Inn London
1969-08-07 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-08-08 Yes   Mother's Birmingham
1969-08-09 Yes   Plumpton Racecourse Plumpton
1969-08-10 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-08-11 Yes   Ile-De-France Paris
1969-08-13 Yes   Toby Jug Tolworth
1969-08-14 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-08-15 Yes   Queens Hall Barnstaple
1969-08-16 Yes   Van Dike Club Plymouth
1969-08-20 Yes   Star Club Hamburg
1969-08-20 Yes In the Beginning 1969   Star Club Hamburg
audience  flac 
1969-08-21 Yes   Star Club Hamburg
1969-08-22 Yes   Eland Club Llkkerkerk
1969-08-23 Yes   Eland Club Llkkerkerk
1969-08-24 Yes   Zeeland Club Maastricht
1969-08-26 Yes   Big Apple Club Wiesbaden
1969-08-27 Yes   Tanz Club Goddelau
1969-08-30 Yes   Blow-Up Club Munich
1969-08-31 Yes   Blow-Up Club Munich
1969-09-02 Yes   Blow-Up Club Munich
1969-09-04 Yes   Blow-Up Club Munich
1969-09-05 Yes   Blow-Up Club Munich
1969-09-06 Yes   Blow-Up Club Munich
1969-09-07 Yes   Blow-Up Club Munich
1969-09-12 Yes   The Penthouse Sheffield
1969-09-13 Yes   Country Club Kirkevington
1969-09-14 Yes   Queens Hotel Bishop Auckland
1969-09-15 Yes   Kings Head Romford
1969-09-18 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-09-20 Yes   Market Hall Haverfordwest
1969-09-21 Yes   Frank Freeman's Club Kidderminster
1969-09-23 Yes   The Place Stoke
1969-09-26 Yes   College of Technology Bristol
1969-09-27 Yes   Winter Gardens Malvern
1969-09-28 Yes   Harrogate Theatre Harrogate
1969-10-03 Yes   Van Dike Club Plymouth
1969-10-04 Yes   Bristol University Bristol
1969-10-09 Yes   Grugahalle Essen
1969-10-09 Yes In the Beginning 1969   Grugahalle Essen
audience  flac 
1969-10-11 Yes   Newcastle University Newcastle
1969-10-12 Yes   Redcar Jazz Club Redcar
1969-10-17 Yes   Kings Head Romford
1969-10-18 Yes   Victoria Ballroom Chesterfield
1969-10-20 Yes   Bay Hotel Sunderland
1969-10-24 Yes   Nottingham University Nottingham
1969-10-25 Yes  
1969-10-27 Yes   Amougies Amougies
1969-10-28 Yes   Theatre 140 Brussles
1969-10-30 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-10-31 Yes   Swansea University Swansea
1969-11-01 Yes   U.M.I.S.T Manchester
1969-11-02 Yes   Lyceum Ballroom London
1969-11-03 Yes   The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm London
1969-11-07 Yes   The Factory Birmingham
1969-11-13 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-11-14 Yes   City Hall Newcastle
1969-11-15 Yes   Marine Pavilion Folkestone
1969-11-26 Yes   Komodie Theatre Basel
1969-11-27 Yes   Chikito Club Bern
1969-11-28 Yes   Grunau Restaurant Gerlafingen
1969-11-30 Yes   Rex Cinema Locarno
1969-12-02 Yes   Montreaux Casino Montreaux
1969-12-05 Yes   Queens Theatre Stoke
1969-12-06 Yes   Winter Gardens Pavilion, Weston-Super-Mare Somerset
1969-12-07 Yes   Fox At Greyhound Croyden
1969-12-09 Yes   Harrowfield Youth Centre Harrowfield
1969-12-10 Yes   Klooks Kleek West Hampstead
1969-12-11 Yes   LCP Fletcher Hall Leicester
1969-12-12 Yes   In-Place Newport
1969-12-13 Yes   Imperial College London
1969-12-14 Yes   Jazz Club Redcar
1969-12-19 Yes   Harrowfield Youth Centre Harrowfield
1969-12-21 Yes   Kingston Hotel Sheffield
1969-12-21 Yes In the Beginning 1969   Kingston Hotel Sheffield
Audience  flac 
1969-12-24 Yes   Farx. Club Suthall
1969-12-26 Yes   Marquee Club London
1969-12-27 Yes   Country Club Kirkevington
1969-12-28 Yes   Mother's Birmingham
1969-12-30 Yes   Van Dike Club Plymouth
1970-01-07 Yes   Toby Jug Tolworth
1970-01-10 Yes   The Olympia Theatre Paris
1970-01-11 Yes   The Olympia Theatre Paris
1970-01-17 Yes   University Bradford
1970-01-19 Yes   BBC Studios London
1970-01-23 Yes   King's Hall Stoke
1970-01-24 Yes   Southampton University Southampton
1970-01-25 Yes   Fox At Greyhound Croyden
1970-01-27 Yes   Glen Ballroom Llanelli
1970-01-29 Yes   Starlight Room Boston
1970-01-30 Yes   Lanchester University Coventry
1970-01-31 Yes   Brunel University Uxbridge
1970-02-01 Yes   Empire Theatre Sunderland
1970-02-07 Yes   Royal Festival Hall London
1970-02-08 Yes   Oxford Polytechnic Oxford
1970-02-14 Yes   Kent Universtiy Canterbury
1970-02-19 Yes   Revolution Club Copenhagen
1970-02-20 Yes   Cue Club Gothenburg
1970-02-21 Yes   Glädjehuset Stockholm
1970-02-22 Yes   Club Seven Oslo
1970-02-24 Yes   Bremen Bremen
1970-02-26 Yes   Queens Hall Barnstaple
1970-02-27 Yes   Van Dike Club Plymouth
1970-02-28 Yes   Imperial College Knightsbridge
1970-03-06 Yes   Bingley College Of Education Bingley
1970-03-07 Yes   Leeds University Leeds
1970-03-09 Yes   Civic Theatre Darlington
1970-03-12 Yes   BBC Studios London
1970-03-13 Yes   Guildhall Gloucester
1970-03-14 Yes   College Of Art Technique Croydon
1970-03-16 Yes   Music Festival Düsseldorf
1970-03-20 Yes   Salford University Salford
1970-03-21 Yes   Queen Elizabeth Hall London
1970-03-22 Yes   Queen Elizabeth Hall London
1970-03-27 Yes   Le Colisee Rubaix
1970-03-28 Yes   Alex Disco Club Salisbury
1970-03-29 Yes   Mother's Birmingham
1970-03-30 Yes   Barnstaple Devon
1970-04-03 Yes   Sporthalle Cologne
1970-04-03 Yes Every Little Thing   Sporthalle Cologne
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1970-04-04 Yes   University Of Technology Elangen
1970-04-05 Yes   Wurzburg Würzburg
1970-04-07 Yes   BBC Studios London
1970-04-10 Yes   Marquee Club London
1970-04-14 Yes   Surbiton Assembly Room Surbiton
1970-04-16 Yes   Pavillion Ballroom Weymouth
1970-04-17 Yes   Poperama Devizes Surbiton
1970-04-18 Yes   Luton Technical College Luton
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