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Date Band Roio Name Roio Label / Taper Venue City Recording Format
1968-05-25 Pink Floyd BBC 'The Story of Pop' [A+/1]  Beechwoods BBC Radio 1 'The Story of Pop' London
FM  flac 
1970-09-28 Pink Floyd Student Interview   - London
audience  flac 
1977 Pete Townshend Capital Radio Interview and Roug...  
Radio  flac 
1986-01-14 Roger Waters Interview And Me Or Him Demo  
1993-07-16 Pete Townshend WMMR FM   WMMR-FM Studio Philadelphia
FM  flac 
2011-09-27 Roger Waters Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  
2012-01-18 Roger Waters Roger Waters on Howard Stern   Sirius Satellite Radio New York
2012-02-25 Pink Floyd Building The Wall   Source Warning: This roio is commonly sourced from mp3 or other lossy formats
Webstream  flac