Date Band Roio Name Roio Label / Taper Venue City Recording Format
1976-09-19 ZZ Top   Exposition Centre Boise
1982-08-24 Blue Oyster Cult   Boise State Univ Pavilion Boise
1982-09-20 Rush   BSU Pavilion Boise
1983-06-23 Iron Maiden   Boise State University Boise
1984-04-05 Yes   Boise State Pavilion Boise
1984-05-04 Van Halen   BSU Pavilion Boise
1984-05-15 Rush   BSU Pavilion Boise
1991-02-14 Blue Oyster Cult   The Zoo Boise
1992-03-10 Blue Oyster Cult   Unknown Venue Boise
1993-03-04 Blue Oyster Cult   Unknown Venue Boise
1993-08-09 Aerosmith   BSU Pavilion Boise
1994-09-14 Blue Oyster Cult   Bogey's Boise
1996-02-13 Blue Oyster Cult   Bogey's Boise
1997-01-23 Blue Oyster Cult   Bogey's Boise
1997-05-19 Rush   BSU Pavilion Boise
1997-09-06 ZZ Top   Idaho Center Boise
1997-09-23 The Allman Brothers Band   Qwest Arena Boise
1998-02-15 Blink-182   Qwest Arena Boise
1999-02-17 Blue Oyster Cult   Bogies Boise
2000-05-28 Motörhead   Skateworld Boise
2000-07-01 Roger Waters Idaho   Idaho Center Boise
2000-07-01 Roger Waters Set The Controls For Boise, Idaho [B+/2]  Idaho Center Boise
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2002-02-03 Blue Oyster Cult   Big Easy Boise
2010-03-02 Megadeth   Knitting Factory Boise
2011-07-28 Yes   Eagle River Pavilion Boise