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  • Notes: this show was dated 1970-06-29, I changed it to the 27th, in 3 books it is listed as the 27th, and in the Povey "in the flesh" they state it was a 3 day festival from the 26 - 28, and they played "We were into the early hours of sunday morning before PF made it on stage", sunday was the 28th, so I made the decision to name it the 27th, aka late saturday night. That is the date the books have it listed.
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Pink Floyd Amazing Pudding In Bath 1970 Pink Floyd Bath Festival 27.6.70 Pink Floyd Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music Pink Floyd Bath Festival Of Blues And Progressive Rock Pink Floyd Bath Recorder 1, Reel(M)toDAT [16-48] Pink Floyd Master Pink Floyd Wanna Take A Bath?